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As woodworkers, we need good woodworking vise plans in order to support our project and work in our workshop. This thing is very functional tool for woodworker whether beginner or professional. Many experts suggest this tool as the first thing should be attached on your workbench. With vises, you are able to cut, smooth, mark, measured your wooden material easily without any mistakes which usually happen on your first project without vise. The tool’s nature is helping its users. We cannot deny this statement because we need them, so does vise. In this special post, I want to give you some tips and instructions to build vise.

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First of all, you need a stock of wood with measurement of 8/4. These materials are used for making of two jaws. I recommend you to use quarter type of sawn wood here because it has ability to avoid any weather and season which give cupping impact for wood. This is happened to flat-swan wood if you do not believe me. Then, you should prepare them in one face until the thickness is around 1 3/4-inch. For the width, I tried minimal five inches for it but this part is up to you. Just consider with the current jaws that we built before. I will give you a description around 19-inch or less.

This woodworking vise plan also needs a piece of wood which has 1 ¾ of thickness with 2-inch of width. Why you should prepare additional wood because it will be attached right at the back of rear jaw. Actually, the length can be same with current jaw but you should add longer length around 2 ½” for better clamps position. You know clamps need more space to give stronger placement of your material in the future. It is one of important tools on our vise due its functionality in measuring and hanging your materials. Therefore, you do not need ask somebody to hold your clamps during woodworking process.

You can use flat-sawn material for the jaws only if want to afford your budget more. The jaws should be stronger too actually but you can consider it by yourself. If you stay still with flat-sawn, you have to add extra slight concavity with the support of a hand plane. Moreover, this hand plane is also having more width especially for the rings. Of course, this thing will resist more seasonal problem such as cupping and many more as same as quarter-sawn materials. In addition, slippery hand will always haunt you while processing a project. It is useful to avoid this problem too, thanks to the hand plane.

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