How to Choose the Best Stud Finder?

Whether you are trying to renovate or repair your home, you have to locate the strongest spots of your room walls. A Stud finder, also referred to as a Stud locator, is a type of handheld device that can be held against the wall surface and moved across to track unwanted material or stud frame. When these are tracked, the device immediately gives out a signal. You can find numerous stud finders today in the market available for purchase. Here are some useful features to consider for choosing the best stud finder for your needs.

Magnetic or Electronic / Digital

The simplest stud finders happen to use magnets that do not need any batteries. You can also find stud finders that utilize batteries. These usually offer extra features other than simply locating studs in room walls. With stud locators running on batteries, there is of course the risk of draining out battery power after a point of time. It is important to choose battery-powered stud finders with strong batteries, so that you can get an accurate and good reading on the device display.

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Built-in level

With stud finders that come with a built-in level, you can easily draw a line. This can let you hang a shelf, mirror or painting on your wall in a more uniform way.

Hands-free use

A stud finder that allows hand-free operations allows you to locate studs easily in walls. It can stay fixed to the wall by itself, allowing you to use a pencil to mark the spot. Basically, your hands can be free for such operations. Some stud locators that are larger in size have to be continuously held against then surface of the wall.

Audio alerts

A number of stud locators sound an audio alert when they locate a stud. This is very useful for people who do not like to keep looking at the stud locator at all times. A loud enough audible beep is sounded as soon as a stud is found on the wall. These usually come with a calibrating button, which lets you calibrate the device and make it ready for locating studs on the wall.

LED lights

While many stud locators offer audio notifications, others consist of LED lights that illuminate to offer light notifications whenever a metal or stud is found. Such types of locator devices also offer an idea of how wide the located stud is.

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